Our Projects

Virada is a new, master‐planned community set into the Indio Hills area of City of Indio, California that sets a new standard for healthy, sustainable, community living. The project has been completely redesigned to incorporate the latest, most innovative, community design standards, relies heavily on sustainable design techniques that will provide significant reductions in water and energy usage, while simultaneously affording the residents of the community a wide variety of options for creating an active, healthy lifestyle. With a total planning area of approximately 656 acres, Virada is designed to integrate seamlessly into the natural desert environment. Over 166 acres of the project is undisturbed, open space set into the Indio Hills. A Community Park featuring hiking trails, plus areas for both active and passive recreation is set adjacent to the natural open space and will provide for another 107 acres of recreational opportunities. A Community Demonstration Garden will feature the bold colors and water efficiency that can be found among the palette of natural, desert plants, tress, and shrubs. A Community Center and Clubhouse will provide a place for the residents to gather and will be a focal point for community events. Smaller, neighborhood parks are easily accessible from all of the neighborhoods within the Virada community via trails and paseos. When combined, the total open space for Virada, including parks, gardens, paseos, trails, and easements, is in excess of 420 acres, or 64% of the total project site.