Organizational Culture

Personal, Professional Service

​Navigating a complex project, through an increasingly complex regulatory environment requires not just an individual, but a competent and professional team of experts working in unison to achieve a desired goal.  Now more than ever, projects require strong, personally involved leaders who keep the goals of the project, and the desires of the client at the forefront.  The Arivitas Strategies Team will always act in the best interests of the client, gather the needed technical resources, and keep the focus on positive outcomes.  Our organizational culture is founded upon personal engagement by seasoned professionals who are committed to each client’s success.

Work/Life Integration

​In a world that is in a state of constant change, the concept of Work-Life balance has become outdated.  To be effective and engaged, the professionals at Arivitas Strategies practice Work-Life Integration.  We believe that if each professional creates a place where he/she wants to work, grow their careers, and discover their professional passions, then we will be the successful consultancy that is also one of the best places to work.  By allowing our professionals to work from home, or from an office near their homes, then connecting via the latest and best audio/visual technology, we create a  workplace that is truly personal and professional.  The trusted members of the Arivitas Strategies team have the ability to use their time to find professional success, meaningfully influence the firm and our clients’ projects, find true appreciation, and   grow professionally with each new and challenging project. Our clients find tremendous benefit from our approach as every member of the Arivitas Strategies team brings to every client, and every project, the same level of care and enthusiasm gained from a personal and professional workspace.

Community Responsibility

​Arivitas Strategies believes that giving back to the communities that support us is a fundamental value that further defines our organizational culture.  Arivitas Strategies principals have a strong commitment to our communities, from sitting on the boards of the American Planning Association, to coaching or mentoring young professionals.  Everyone on the Arivitas team is encouraged to use a portion of their time for community and charitable service.  All of us are committed to supporting community events and making contributions to charitable organizations.

Our professional fields are also our communities.  Arivitas Strategies President, Kevin L. Maevers, AICP gives back by teaching business, management, marketing and environmental science courses at the University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus. In the last 10 years Kevin has taught over 100 classes and has provided his academic and professional expertise to over 2000 students.  Kevin is also serves the planning profession as the Vice Director of Policy for the Inland Empire Section of the American Planning Association.  The member of our virtual team regularly devote their time to professional organization boards and committees, policy forums, legislative review, and mentor programs.  Wherever we can help support our professional fields or inform the consulting industry, you will find Arivitas Strategies.

Environmental Sensitivity

​When you work in an industry where the rules are constantly changing, it is a constant challenge to create and implement environmentally sensitive operations.  Sometimes, it seems as if running and business with a goal of remaining environmentally conscious, is a daily struggle.  However, just as we do when applying our expertise for a client, we carefully consider environmental effects in our operational decisions.  We pursue operating strategies that help reduce our carbon emissions, waste, and water and resource consumption.  Our commitment to providing work-from-home options allows every team member to choose the location to work that provides alternative transit options from walking and bicycle commuting, to transit options that may include electric bus or commuter rail opportunities. As our team grows, we will maintain our commitment to environmentally sensitive operations as a fundamental principle of our organizational culture at Arivitas Strategies.