Our Projects

The Downtown Lancaster Specific Plan creates a new vision for the old downtown of the City of Lancaster. Following years of decline, and a number of minor efforts to recreate and revitalize the area, the City of Lancaster contracted with a RBF Consulting / Urban Design Studio and a number of Sub‐Consultants to assist in revisioning the old downtown to create a beautiful, walkable, sustainable urban core that pays homage to the City’s past but looks toward a bright future. Kevin team worked directly with the City of Lancaster Staff and RBF Consulting to develop the Specific Plan, provide community outreach, and provide staff support for implementation. Kevin was also involved in the actual redevelopment of Lancaster Blvd. by providing support services and interpretive
guidance to contractors and the Land Surveyor (Quality Surveying).

The implementation of the Downtown Lancaster Specific Plan and The BLVD Revitalization Project is the subject of
Kevin’s Doctoral Dissertation: SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DESIGN AND DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION: A QUALITATIVE DESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY. The completion of the case study is expected in early 2020.